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Vital Services Group offers three access methods(versions) for the MODIV/SR1A search and retrieval process. 

All access methods are available free to , vital online, and clients on request. (vital online municipal) clients request VitalWeb Platinum service  here.


    I. Vital FreeList Basic (January 2003) 

       - No prerequisite application files/installs necessary

              - No security setting changes are required

              - Provides minimal search mechanisms (Lookups Only!)

              - Search output is a list of common data elements for a Property ID 

              - This version is free to any registered user 

              - Access this version by clicking the BASIC column of the County/District page


    II. VitalWeb Lookup Silver (May 2003)               

       - Simple access method, easy to use         

              - No files/installs required other than Adobe Reader(version 5.0.5/5.1)

              - Enhanced search capabilities

              - Search output provides extensive data for each Property ID

              - Provides interface to sales data (SR1A) 

              - Subscription required! (starting 12/24/2004)   Subscription Pricing

       - Access this version by clicking the SILVER column of the County/District page


   III. VitalWeb Lookup Platinum (VitalOnline Customers and Partners Only)

       - Extensive search capabilities

              - Search output provides all data for each Property ID

              - Provides property images where available & interface to sales data (SR1A)

              - Provides CAMA appraisal data including dimension sketch

              - MODIV, SR1A, and CAMA file transfers

              - Enhanced processing speed

              - Formatted printing of lists/mailing labels     

      VitalWeb Lookup Platinum does require some precise user initialization!

      Click here to view VitalWeb Lookup Platinum initialization procedures.


                         2001 Vital Services Group is comprised of Vital Computer Resources, Inc. and Vital Communications.